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Cups and Balls by Cellini (7008)

Jim Cellini cups made in switzerland THE Original
Cups for cups and balls (Art. 7008) CHF 333.-
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"the best on market" !!!
"Wow! thes Cups are even better than I could ever have hoped for. There classic design, weight and balance and overall appearence are just perfect for the person who makes a full time living from Magic. Thank you Cellini it`s been worth the wait. These will go staight into my work and thank you ZauberLaden for your great service. " Kind Regards Trevor Liley


i just got the cups and book today. the book is outstanding and i'm so happy with the purchase and look forward to hours of studying and learning.

the cups are beautiful; i love their look, feel and sound. i can't wait until my next show where they will be featured in my closer.

thank you very much for providing such a great product!

sincerely, jonathan fisher boston, mass. usa

„The cups are definitely heavy duty and take a nice size load!“
otherwise download the manuscript by pdf here:
see movie here:
The Cellini Cups set of 3
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also available as a single chop cup