The Cellini Lecture about Slydini Zurich  DVD

(Duration: app.112min)

We are proud to present this new DVD by the King of Streets "Jim Cellini". Cellini explains and shows some of slydinis very best routines and tricks that he conceived over many years. These routines were performed with great success all over the world. This DVD is an ideal add-on to „as i recall“. Cellini explains and shows all the great Routines by the Master SYLDINI.
The DVD is in English with German and English subtitles, which can be switched on and off. 

Here a glimpse into the contents of this DVD:

Jim Cellini "Slydini Lecture"

Realease november 2006. 1) Introduction 2) Slydini Silks (Routine) 3) Cut and Restored Rope 4) Vanishing Silk 5) Chinese Linking Rings 6) Paperbox & Balls Routine 7) Coins Thru Table 8) Silk Fountain Explanations: 9) Cellini Meets Slydini 10) Movements & How to Take Bows 11) Table Work & Lapping 12) Slydini Silks  13) Cut & Restored Rope  14) Thoughts on Slydini (The Rope Trick) 15) More Thoughts on Slydini (The Card Trick) 16) The Thumb Tip 17) Vanishing Silk (Story of Adam & Eve) 18) Six Coins Thru Table  19) Han Pen Chieng Move 20) Two to Four Coins Thru Table  21) One Coin Thru Table 22) Unique Coin Routine (never published before!) 23) Coin Matrix Routine 24) Magic with Cigarettes 25) How to Restore a Cigarette 26) Torn & Restored Cigarette 27) Cellini's Cigarette Variation 28) Paperbox & Balls 29) Stories about Slydini
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